Photo by Ylanite Koppens
Progress Update

Latest Assessment & New Scorecard Format

The Climate Reality Team
September 22, 2023

With this latest assessment, we have changed the format of the scorecard so that it’s easier see how the individual projects are faring. Our interpretation of the progress and challenges for each goal will now be included at the top of each individual goal page.

Below we highlight significant scoring changes that have taken place since the previous assessment. For more details, check out the scorecard.

Scoring Updates:

Waste Management and Food Systems

Not Started to Stalled

The food scraps plan was due by May 2023. Because this goal was missed, we’ve changed our assessment for this goal from In Progress to Stalled.

Workforce Development

In Progress to Stalled

The Energy Warriors Green Workforce Training (Roots of Success) workforce education program was launched successfully and is currently rated as Ongoing. However, the second sub-goal of establishing a Green Jobs Corridor has passed the due date without funding being secured or alternate plans established.

Built Environment and Carbon Neutral Hydrogen

Deeper Dives

In our last assessment, we mentioned that we would take a closer look at these two programs. As indicated by our interpretation statements for both of these projects (listed on each goal page), these both continue to be rated In Progress.